Passenger guide can help you plan your journey more effectively.

Today, Airports of Thailand PCL. operates 6 Thailand international airports that can serves more than 100 airlines flying to countries worldwide. Here are some tips to help you use our airports more convenience and have wonderful experience with us.

Arrival Guides

passengers Arrival must fill in their personal information on the Passenger Arrival Document no. 6 which is issued by the Immigration Bureau

Departure Guides

Passengers Departure/Departing Passengers must be checked for prohibited items before traveling.

Security Information

LAGs is the procedure for screening passengers and airline staff traveling in every flight departing from every airport under AOT

Disabled Passengers

Passengers who require special assistance, both arrival and passengers departure/ departing passengers

Children Traveling without Parents

Children traveling without parents can travel into and out from the country and transit in Thailand.

Passengers Traveling with Pets

Passengers who bring pets into or out of the country must follow the airport’s regulations and inform the Office of Traveling with Pets